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What is a Complaint?

A “complaint” is defined as a statement of dissatisfaction addressed to a CIF by a client or potential client relating to the provision of investment services.

How to lodge a Complaint?

In order to lodge a complaint with the Company clients have to complete the Customer Complaint Form and send it via e-mail to complaints@twinoption.com, Any other statements, enquiries, requests and/or reports shall be responded to and handled by the Support Department but not be considered as “complaints”.

Complaints Handling Procedure

We encourage all of our clients or potential clients to contact us informally regarding any issue that causes dissatisfaction prior to proceeding via the formal complaint procedure. We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients and believe that we can resolve most issues amicably via communicating and understanding each other’s position. The timeline for the Complaints Handling Procedure is as follows:
1. After the complaint is lodged, its receipt will be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days and a unique reference number will be provided to the Complainant.
2. The Compliance Department will gather and thoroughly investigate all relevant evidence and information regarding the complaint and any evidence provided by the Complainant.
3. The Compliance Department will endeavor to conclude the investigation and provide a response, in plain language, in a timely manner within 4 weeks.
4. In case of any delays in providing a response, we will inform you about the reasons of such delay and outline the investigation’s progress, explaining why a resolution has not yet been possible and indicate when further contact will be made.